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Sequentially Speaking
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Voices of people who know
how to Speak Sequentially:

"Comic books are as intelligent, compelling, and demanding as any other form of storytelling."

Pat Schroeder
Association of American Publishers
President & CEO

"The current comic (book) landscape is infinitely more multifaceted than it was just ten years ago."

Matt Janiga and Erica Stein
The Cornell Daily Sun
"State of the Comic Union," April 17, 2003

"It has been said that there have been three unique art-forms to come out of America -- 'jazz, musicals and comic books' -- it's about time we all celebrate the latter."

Joe Quesada
Marvel Comics

"Maybe if we could change the way were perceived (and we perceive ourselves), we might get a little respect. Comic book companies, comic book professionals, and our peers will not give us respect unless we respect ourselves."

Barb Lien Cooper
"Why, Fanboy, Why?" May 5, 2000


Sequentially Speaking (SS) is a not-for-profit organization with the fundamental aim of bringing together the creators, readers and those who are curious or newcomers to the medium of sequential art in order to ameliorate their perception and enhance their appreciation of the sequential art form (including graphic novels, comic books & comic strips). SS seeks to accomplish its purpose by encouraging dialogue about the artform through offering symposiums and workshops for the artists and writers of the sequential art medium and through the presentation of community outreach programs and events, sponsoring gallery showings and offering public readings that celebrate the historic and sustaining contribution sequential art has to literature, art & culture.

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